Python Sets Ignored on put

i do

client.put(('db', 'table', 'key'), { 'val': 3 })
client.get(('db', 'table', 'key'))[2]
#prints {'val': 3}

then I do

client.put(('db', 'table', 'key'), { 'val': {1, 2} })
client.get(('db', 'table', 'key'))[2]
#prints {'val': 3}

I check on other key

client.put(('db', 'table', 'key2'), { 'val': {1, 2} })
client.get(('db', 'table', 'key2'))[2]
#prints None

Will python sets be supported soon enough? When will LDT operations be supported?

Hello Theofilos,

LDT support is coming in the next release, due in a few days. With regards to the problem you raised about Sets, can you open an issue in the GitHub repository for it?

Thanks, Ronen

LDT support has been implemented with the new 1.0.37 release. Handling for unsupported types such as Set will be part of the upcoming 1.0.38 release.