Erlang client not support LDT, will it be supported soon?

erlang client not support LDT and the version is so old, will it be updated soon or erlang client will not support this?

It’s pretty low on our priority list. Would you be interested in adding that functionality? We’re happy to help you. Please send a direct message.

bbulkow, i started this topic Wire protocol - #2 by vovagp because i need full-featured erlang client, but no one answered me :frowning: So I had to study golang implementation of the data decoder. You can help by expanding the documentation on this page For example there is no description of the types of data in the set and their numeric codes: STRING, INTEGER, BLOB, LIST, MAP (in golang notation). Also there is no description of the principles of decoding values in dataset.

xuthief, in any case, when I’m done, the client code will be available on github.

Thanks for helping us out with the structure. I will see what I can do about getting the relevant people to contribute.