Querying namespaces with periods in them

We have longstanding namespaces with periods in them: aql> show namespaces ±--------------------------+ | namespaces | ±--------------------------+ | “A.B” | | “A.C” | ±--------------------------+

No approach I have tried allows querying these namespaces, which seems to require escaping the dot in the namespace name since the same character delimits the namespace and set in an AQL query. None of the following work: select * from A.B.C select * from A\.B.C select * from A…B.C select * from ‘A.B’.C select * from “A.B”.C

Is it possible to query this data?

If not we have a serious issue since this is our most crucial real-time operational data. It is essential to be able to query it for production support. It would be painful to move it to a new namespace.

Also, noting that the tool AQL replaces, ascli, had no problems with these namespaces since it delimited arguments with whitespace.

Thanks. This is a short-coming with the current aql parser. We have logged this issue as TOOLS-16.

Excellent. Thanks for opening the issue.