Received same pulse from other fd, surprising


We receive this type of log :

received same pulse from other fd, surprising

What does it mean ?

We are running a 4 nodes cluster 5.4.8 CE, one of the nodes has been failing one hour ago.


Emmanuel VINET

Hello. That is a possible but non-serious mesh heartbeat detail message. (The reason it is logged at the detail level is that it is not an error.)

Currently, there can be up to 2 heartbeat TCP sockets between each pair of mesh cluster nodes. Usually there is only 1, but in the case where there are 2 in existence due to the specific history of cluster membership changes, the code may log that detail message. In the future, this case will be excluded from happening as an optimization to limit the number of sockets to 1.

If you see any other unexpected behaviors, either correlated with this log or not, please feel free to post them.

Thanks for your participation in the Aerospike community!