Regarding shipping errors

On one of our production site, due to some recent activity, we got following errors:

…dc_ship_source_error: 221414

…dc_ship_destination_error: 1328597

These errors are expected because we blocked xdr traffic on sites during maintenance activity.

Stopping/starting db nodes cause xdr shipping errors as well.

The errors are logged and shown in the counters. How we can ensure that re-logging really happened for all these reported numbers ? And we haven’t lost any update towards the remote site via digest logs.

When these counters will be reset ?

A quick feedback is needed as we need to prepare a RCA for this.

Thanks Asif

XDR is an enterprise feature, so you should have enterprise support, see There aren’t any SLAs on the community forums.

Yes, we do have a EE support (Nokia). I am checking on that to enroll myself there and will surely put up queries their. Till then i have no other option to reach to the tech support on this forum. Can you please help ?

Sorry, I don’t have enough expertise on the XDR component to answer. I reached out to our support team and I believe you are now in contact with them.

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