Replicate sets between different namespaces

I have two clusters to juggle with. I am migrating sets one at a time from cluster AS1 to cluster AS2. During the migration I will be changing the namespace for the set.

cluster is the same thing as datacenter

AS1 is the source AS2 is the destination

The namespace name is changing from NS1 to NS2

The set name remains the same… SET1

AS1.NS1.SET1 --> AS2.NS2.SET1

I want to do this with the least amount of downtime.

If the following was possible it would be great and zero downtime

  1. Setup XDR replication from AS1.NS1.SET1 to AS2.NS2.SET1 * notice new namespace name
  2. asbackup and restore with unique option AS1.NS1.SET1 to AS2.NS2.SET1 * at this point data is concurrent between both datacenters.
  3. Point reading apps to AS2.NS2.SET1
  4. Point writing apps to AS2.NS2.SET1

Since i can’t do the above, how can i replicate new data to another namespace.set without xdr ?

Doesn’t asbackup/restore allow you to change namespace? asbackup -h AS1 -n NS1 -s SET1 -o - | asrestore -h AS2 -n NS2 -s SET1

You are right though, I don’t think XDR allows replication to a different namespace… So you will have to setup some downtime for apps.

Thank you for the quick response, It appears this is the best solution. Thanks again.

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