Replication over a specific network interface


I have a situation where my servers are on the public IP and but through some rules of their load-balancer and switches on ESXi allow for some interfaces on the virtual machine to be private.

So on 1 virtual machine I have a public and private interface. For replication, is it possible for this traffic to run over a specific IP?

I haven’t set anything up really in this regard. Is there a setting where replication IP and heartbeat IP come into play and I can set this up to connect on the private IP/subnet?


Migrations go across the fabric layer and fabric layer sockets bind to the same interface as what heartbeat is configured to. See our Heartbeat Configuration documentation. Specifically, the interface-address parameter.

interface-address # IP of the NIC to use to send out
                                                     # heartbeat and bind fabric ports

That said, Aerospike doesn’t determine which IP address will be used, that determination is from Linux’s routing. If your public and private interfaces can route to each other than you will likely not get the result you want. You either need to have the interfaces on 2 different and separate networks or configure static routes.

Here is a similar thread for reference: Fabric listener on different NIC