Server crash : map_to_flat() strip indexes failed with ret=-3


on aerospike community 3.8.3 I encounter following error and server crashed Jun 02 2017 10:44:25 GMT: CRITICAL (particle): (particle_map.c:1054) map_to_flat() strip indexes failed with ret=-3 Is there any idea?


Are you using any Sorted Maps? Sorted maps were introduced to developers as beta in 3.8.4 but much of the code was already in 3.8.3.

I suspect your issue is related to:

[AER-5202],[AER-5150] - Migrated/Replicated sorted-map bin builds wrong local map-index. Thus sorted-map operations on a replica crashes server. Fixed in 3.9.1


Thanks, I see, so some of code has already existed in 3.8.3, but may have some bug and issues, so I need to upgrade to 3.9.1. Other questions

  1. The map or list type after 3.9.1 are all sorted container, so there is no normal map or list after 3.9.1 ?
  2. Is there any performance degrade to use sorted list or map?
  3. If I use normal aerospike client API, the value is a map in java or python (dict), not using sorted map api, is it the sorted map in aerospike? Can I invoke sorted map / list api to read them ?


I found the answer here thanks