Should we zeroize SSD with 128K if we have write-block-size 128K aerospike.conf

I have seen some people are zeroizing SSD -s with sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ bs=128k and in documentation of Aerospike I have seen example with bs=1M .

In our aerospike.conf we have write-block-size 128K . Should we zeroize with 1M or 128k ? Also should we zeroize all SSD -s in cluster with same bs value ?

This has no impact on the final result. We used a block size of 1M because it tends to be faster; likewise, using a write-block-size of 1M tends to be faster.

On most SSDs you can also run:

sudo blkdiscard /dev/<INSERT DEVICE NAME HERE>

Which is a much faster way to zeroize a disk.