Socket read failed Error


Why I am getting this error ? how to resolve it ?

{“statusCode”:400,“message”:“ERROR_AEROSPIKE”,“err”:{“message”:“Socket read failed: -4095”,“code”:-6,“func”:“as_uv_command_read”,“file”:“src/main/aerospike/as_event_uv.c”,“line”:293}}

Hi, we are facing the same issue here, does anyone know why this is happening?

First, it would be great if you provided more details than the error message. Think standard bug reporting - what language is this client for, what’s the version, what’s the version of the server, what’s the OS.

The error code is -6:

The command was rejected because you exceeded the defined max concurrent commands for that event loop. In most language clients this is configurable, but you need to consider what the server can handle across all the clients connecting to it.

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