Truncate set by mistake,how to quickly restore data?

aerospike version: 1.truncate-undo + cold start,Is there any impact for production environment? 2.If we have config xdr,Is there any other ways to quickly restore data from remote DC?

Sorry for typos, on phone.

There is a truncate-undo command, you will need to run that and then do a rolling cold-start of the cluster.

Thank you for your answer. I still have some questions as below:

  1. what’s the impact of cold start on prod env?

  2. How long will the storage data be retained before cold start?

  3. We have configured XDR. Can we restore data through remote DC?

I recommend that you open a case with enterprise support - Enterprise Support.

  1. Cold-start will likely take a few hours per node - during which time migrations will occur on the rest of the cluster which will cause the deleted data to be purged more quickly.
  2. It depends on the rate at which new data is being written.
  3. Right, I didn’t consider XDR - yes, if the two DCs are in sync then you should be able to use the other DC to recover the data. The procedure may be involved, so I recommend working with your Enterprise Support team on this.