What are the client error codes for Aerospike 2.x?


What are the client error codes as returned from the cluster?


The most recent list of error codes can be found at:


As of April 2013, the current list is:

1 = Unknown failure. Consider retry 2 = Key Not Found error. The key may have been deleted or evicted already. 3 = Failed Generation error. This implies that another client has already used that same key you have attempted to write. 4 = Failed Parameter. Check client parameters and verify each is supported by current client version 5 = Key Exists error. Key already exists 6 = Bin Exists error. This happens when a bin exists and the key is being written to a bin that is defined as unique. 7 = Cluster key mismatch error. This can happen when a node was brought down temporarily then brought back up. It can also happen when the key no longer exists because it has been evicted. 8 = Partition out of space error. Occurs when the high-water mark has been reached and namespace no longer can accept write requests. 9 = Timeout error. Consider retry 10 = No XDR error. XDR process is not running. Consider starting it back up. 11 = Unavailable error. Server error when node is down and partition is not available 12 = Incompatible type error. The operand and bin types are not compatible and mismatched. 13 = Record Too big error. The size of the object or record is exceeding the limit, currently at 1MB. 14 = Key Busy error. This is most likely caused by a ‘hotkey’ and will affect the clients doing reads or writes. It happens when a key is accessed simultaneously more than “transaction-pending-limit” times. young

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