What is the meaning of "special-errors" "key-busy" "record-too-big" entries in log

I am investigating a spike in aerospike.namespace.client_write_error Datadog metrics in an Aerospike cluster (version In the Aerospike server logs, I see several INFO level entries that have the message record-too-big.

Jun 01 2023 22:48:59 GMT: INFO (info): (ticker.c:976) {<my namespace>} special-errors: key-busy 578312 record-too-big 0 lost-conflict (0,0)

The namespace configuration is this:

namespace <my namespace> {
        replication-factor 2
        memory-size 238G
        high-water-memory-pct 70
        high-water-disk-pct 60
        default-ttl 4d 
        nsup-period 120
        partition-tree-sprigs 4096
        storage-engine memory

What is the significance of these errors? Are these related to the write errors?

For the key-busy errors, this article should help understand them: Why does my client return Error code 14 Hotkey.

The record-too-big refers to records that are (or become after update) larger than the configured write-block-size but you don’t seem to have hit this error.

You could of course directly monitor those specific statistics without having to look at the logs:

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