Aerospike C# Client Release 3.7.0 (February 04, 2019)

Aerospike C# client version 3.7.0 was released on February 04, 2019.

This major release adds several new features and fixes important bugs.


  • CLIENT-1057 Conform to server fallback and retry behavior specification.
  • CLIENT-1055 Add iteration and node to more AerospikeException messages.
  • AER-6009 Support new server “truncate-namespace” info command.
  • Default socketTimeout to 30 seconds for all commands.
  • Remove old deprecated Statement Filters property. Use Filter property instead. The server accepts only one filter. See Incompatible API change .
  • Remove “Value.UseDoubleType” global variable. Always use server double type to store floating point values.
  • Remove “ClientPolicy.requestProleReplicas”. Replicas will always be requested.
  • Remove all unused old batch direct protocol code.


  • CLIENT-1053 Do not clear partition map entry when a node reports that it no longer owns that partition entry. The client will now wait until another node claims ownership of that partition with the proper regime. This is done to remove any possible gaps in node ownership.
  • CLIENT-1056 If batch read transaction fails on a node, retry batch keys from that node to other nodes when replica policy is SEQUENCE and maxRetries is not exceeded.
  • Use custom BufferedConnection that calls Poll() before every socket read, so tight timeouts can be enforced on batch reads.
  • Fix GetNode() to return master node on write operations when chosen replica is not the default.
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