Aerospike C Client Release 4.4.0 (December 4, 2018 )

Aerospike C client version 4.3.20 was released on November 8, 2018.

This major release adds several new features and fixes important bugs.


  • AER-5957 Support rack aware clients.
  • Add event loop statistics, as_event_loop_get_process_size() and as_event_loop_get_queue_size().
  • Shared memory layout has changed. The default as_config shm_key has changed to 0xA8000000 so old client applications do not mix shared memory with new client applications. If you are using shared memory clients with a custom shm_key, it’s critical that this key changes when linking with the new Aerospike client library.


  • Fix potential memory leak if “as_key_new” functions are used and the namespace or set length is greater than specified capacity.
  • Remove unused error codes.
  • Change admin message version to 2.
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