Aerospike C Client Release 5.2.0 (April 30, 2021)

Aerospike C client version 5.2.0 was released on April 30, 2021.

This minor release adds new features and fixes.


  • CLIENT-1461 Support boolean particle type. This feature requires server version 5.6+.
  • CLIENT-1475 Support new math, bit, and conditional expressions. These expressions require server version 5.6+.
  • CLIENT-1486 Support user quotas and statistics. This feature requires server version 5.6+.
  • CLIENT-1496 Support info_timeout in as_policy_query. The info_timeout is used when fail_on_cluster_change is true and the info validation command is called before/after the query.
  • CLIENT-1501 Remove as_scan.priority, as_scan.percent and as_policy_scan.fail_on_cluster_change. The server no longer supports these fields. See Incompatible API change .
  • CLIENT-1503 Remove support for Ubuntu 16.0.4.
  • Move benchmarks to a separate repository (GitHub - aerospike/aerospike-benchmark: A tool to benchmark the Aerospike Database.).


  • CLIENT-1485 Remove ability to configure password hash as the password when using authentication. See Incompatible API change .
  • CLIENT-1487 Remove ability to use old authentication protocol since the new authentication protocol was created in server version 4.1 and the client already requires server version 4.9+.
  • CLIENT-1487 Deprecate aerospike_info_socket_address().
  • CLIENT-1487 Reference count session token.
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