Aerospike C Client Release 5.2.1 (June 15, 2021)

Aerospike C client version 5.2.1 was released on June 15, 2021.

This minor release adds new features and fixes.


  • CLIENT-1377 Reject command when assigned node’s error rate exceeds as_config.max_error_rate. The node’s error count is incremented on any error that causes the connection to close (socket errors and client timeouts) plus AEROSPIKE_ERR_DEVICE_OVERLOAD and server timeouts. Attempt retry before returning error code AEROSPIKE_MAX_ERROR_RATE.
  • CLIENT-1454 Support scan pagination. Enable by calling as_scan_set_paginate().
  • CLIENT-1540 Support placing as_record instance on heap before calling as_async_record_listener. Enable by setting async_heap_rec to true in as_policy_read or as_policy_operate. If enabled, the user is responsible for called as_record_destroy() when done with the record.


  • CLIENT-1494 Detect quick node restart when restarted node never left the cluster. If detected, rebalance connections.
  • CLIENT-1544 Only perform one cluster tend in as_wait_till_stabilized() because the tend now requests partition maps in same iteration as adding the nodes.
  • CLIENT-1544 Only attempt to contact an invalid node (referenced by seeds or peers) once for each cluster tend iteration.
  • CLIENT-1544 Add “as_cluster.invalid_node_count”. invalid_node_count is the count of add node failures in the most recent cluster tend iteration.
  • DOCS-217 Fix REVERSE_RANK doc to say “Return reverse value order.”
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