Aerospike Database (August 30, 2022)

Aerospike Database version was released on August 30, 2022.

  • For upgrading, or the unlikely event of downgrading, refer to Special Upgrades.
  • Special upgrade instructions for Aerospike Server 6.1.
    • Before you upgrade, find any secondary index names that exceed the new 64-character limit (including a null terminator), delete them, then recreate the sindex with a shorter name after the upgrade.
    • When upgrading, the secondary index sindex-create applies to the entire namespace, if the set parameter is omitted.
  • Downgrade from Aerospike Database 6.1 to 6.0.
    • If you have to downgrade from a deployment of server 6.1 that has a secondary index stored in shared memory, delete the following shared memory segments after stopping the server (asd), in order to reclaim this memory.
    • Downgrading from Server 6.1 will force a cold start.
  • Server 6.1 removes num-partitions and adds the sindex-stage-size configuration parameter for secondary indexes in the namespace context. sindex-stage-size is similar to the existing primary index index-stage-size configuration parameter. If the sindex-stage-size value is changed across a restart, any secondary indexes for the namespace will be rebuilt.
  • There is a possibility of partial de-duplicate (repeated records) in secondary index query (SI query) responses for SI queries that use list or map type secondary indexes. Any record that satisfies such a query at least once will be included, but it is possible and normal to see a record more than once.
  • Attempting to create a secondary index which already exists now returns success/OK instead of an error.
  • List Operation EXISTS return type has been added.
  • Map Operation EXISTS return type has been added.
  • Map indexing and List indexing can be created at any depth. For example, an index on a map inside of a bin that is inside of another map can be created.
  • Server 6.1 includes a simple feature key file allowing only for a single-node cluster. The feature key will not be valid for versions after Server 6.1.
  • Server 6.1 includes a simple feature key file allowing only for a single-node cluster. The feature key will not be valid for versions after Server 6.1.
    • Please be aware of your package manager’s handling of existing configuration files during installation. If the configuration file was updated we keep the existing *.deb or *.rpm respective configuration file. It is the uninstall of the package where these systems diverge.
      • Debian and Ubuntu (*.deb) will leave the modified configurations in place.
      • Redhat (*.rpm) will rename the configuration file with an *.rpmsave extension.
  • Use Prometheus Exporter version 1.2.1 or later to run Prometheus Exporter with this version of Aerospike Server.
  • Debian 9 Stretch LTS has reached its End of Life on June 30 2022. We will drop support for Debian 9 in the upcoming Server 6.2 release.

New Features

  • Enterprise, Federal & Community
    • [AER-6545] - (SINDEX) Added ability to define secondary indexes on elements within CDTs (Collection Data Types), by using CDT contexts.
  • Enterprise & Federal Only
    • [AER-6543] - (SINDEX) Added support for warm restart of secondary indexes.


  • Enterprise, Federal & Community
    • [AER-6530] - (BATCH) Added an option to ensure that a sub-transaction error that stops a response will be included in the response.
    • [AER-6532] - (CDT) Added EXISTS return type, which may be used to optimize certain ‘GET’ operations.
    • [AER-6535] - (INFO) Added ‘sindex-name’ field to query-show output.
    • [AER-6548] - (INFO) Added smd-show command to retrieve raw SMD module data.
    • [AER-6531] - (LOGGING) Added ‘long-queries’ to in-progress ticker line, and renamed queries_active to long_queries_active.
    • [AER-6537] - (QUERY) Partially de-duplicate responses to range queries on list or map secondary indexes.
    • [AER-6546] - (SINDEX) When indexing list or map keys or values, iterate in msgpack directly instead of converting to as_list or as_map.
    • [AER-6550] - (SINDEX) A secondary index without a set name now applies to the entire namespace.
    • [AER-6551] - (SINDEX) The size limit for a secondary index name has been reduced to 64.
    • [AER-6547] - (STATS) Added entries_per_bval and entries_per_rec secondary index cardinality statistics.
    • [AER-6534] - (UDF) New as_map implementation improves (de-)serialization of ordered maps when executing UDFs.
  • Enterprise & Federal Only
    • [AER-6549] - (DEPLOYMENT) Automatically install an Enterprise evaluation feature key.
    • [AER-6538] - (SINDEX) For index-type flash namespaces, use smaller internal batch sizes for garbage collection and queries, to minimize time under lock.
    • [AER-6540] - (STATS) Added bytes_shipped namespace statistic in XDR.
    • [AER-6544] - (XDR) For connector destinations, use digest affinity (instead of round-robin) to ensure that a record always goes to the same node.
    • [AER-6565] - (XDR) Distribute recovery/rewind requests across service threads using partition affinity, avoiding lock contention and significantly improving performance.

Known Issues