Aerospike Go Client Release 1.37.0 (December 2, 2018)

Aerospike Go client version 1.37.0 was released on December 2, 2018.

This major release adds several new features, improvements, and changes.

New Features

  • Support lut-now parameter for Client.Truncate() in servers that support and require it.
  • Added support for CDT Map Relative Ops: MapGetByKeyRelativeIndexRangeOp , MapGetByKeyRelativeIndexRangeCountOp , MapGetByValueRelativeRankRangeOp , MapGetByValueRelativeRankRangeCountOp , MapRemoveByKeyRelativeIndexRangeOp , MapRemoveByKeyRelativeIndexRangeCountOp .
  • Added support for CDT List Relative Ops: ListGetByValueRelativeRankRangeOp , ListGetByValueRelativeRankRangeCountOp , ListRemoveByValueRelativeRankRangeOp , ListRemoveByValueRelativeRankRangeCountOp .
  • Added INFINITY and WILDCARD values for use in CDT map/list comparators.


  • Increase default Policy.SocketTimeout to 30s. If SocketTimeout is longer than Timeout , Timeout will be used instead silently. This change is done for the client to perform more intuitively in cloud environments.
  • Never return a random node if a node was not found in the partition map.
  • Return more descriptive error messages on various partition map and other node related errors.


  • Remove the ability to force old batch direct protocol on the client because the server will be removing support for the old batch direct protocol. This is an incompatible change.
  • Update admin message version to 2.
  • Remove unused error codes.
  • Remove Go 1.7 and 1.8 from travis tests due to incompatibility with the test framework.
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