Aerospike Go Client Release 6.2.1 (July 27, 2022)

Aerospike Go client version 6.2.1 was released on July 27, 2022.

[IMPORTANT NOTE] A bug might occur when a client performing a scan hits a “Partition Unavailable” during an unstable cluster (in both high availability (AP) and strong consistency (CP) modes). The client aborts the scan and puts the connection back into the pool, which might cause unprocessed results to be sent to a different transaction (of the same client), possibly resulting in incorrect application behavior. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to the Go client 6.4.0 at the earliest opportunity.

  • This is mostly a re-release of Aerospike Go Client library version 6.2.0, with one added minor change. It seems that we bungled the Github tag somehow for the Aerospike Go Client library version 6.2.0 release. Upgrade from Aerospike Go Client library version 6.2.0 to this version for the changes in Aerospike Go Client library version 6.2.0 to be applied to your code.
  • Debian 9 Stretch LTS has reached its End of Life on June 30 2022. We will drop support for Debian 9 in an upcoming client release.

Bug Fixes

  • Add a nil check for error in batch retry to be on the safe side.