How do I access "amc" via browser?

I want to access Aerospike browser , I guess it’s called “amc” , as shown here - (4min 25 second )

Is this available for normal user ?

I can’t find browser tool.

How do I create “namespace” via “aql”, if browser is not available - I can not find any tips here -

@rocky you’re asking really basic questions that you should be reading the documentation for, first. You can’t create a namespace from AQL. I don’t even know what you mean by ‘browser’ here - that term is ambiguous, so explain what you’re asking.


Specifically namespace configuration.

As mentioned in question,

I want to access Aerospike browser , I guess it’s called “amc” , as shown here - (4min 25 second )

I have configured /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf , it had originally 2 namespace “test” and “bar” which can be seen and verified from aql> show namespaces

Now, I want to remove these default namespace and want to create one, I have already removed default namespace from /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf and added my new one.

But How do you guys drop namespace and create new one. Drop all old existing data with namespace and create fresh new one.

From Browser I mean, Check this video URL - do you see AMC web console, it looks like running at port “8081”

It had option to create, manage namespace and do other data management.

Ok, I forgot to restart the aerospike after configuration, that is why it didn’t loaded earlier.

But, now it’s running with new namespace.

AMC isn’t a data browser, it’s a dashboard. The link to tools gives you all the information on how to install and use it.

As you saw, to modify namespaces you change the configuration and do a rolling restart of the nodes of the cluster.

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