Aerospike Java Client Release 4.4.6 (October 1, 2019)

Aerospike Java client version 4.4.6 was released on October 1, 2019.

This minor release adds new features and bug fixes.


  • CLIENT-1123 Support delete record operation in operate(). This feature requires server versions >= 4.7.
  • CLIENT-1127 Support write operations in background scan/query. This feature requires server versions >= 4.7.
  • CLIENT-1128 Support recordsPerSecond to limit scan/query throughput. This feature requires server versions >= 4.7.
  • CLIENT-1129 Add total opened/closed connection counts per node to cluster statistics.
  • Add new NioEventLoops constructor that allows daemon threads and thread pool names to be specified.


  • CLIENT-1133 Allow error code to be empty when parsing info command errors. Also, change info command default error code to generic server error (1).
  • Remove client support for bit operations on nested list/maps because the server will not support this functionality in the near future.
  • Add the transient keyword to node/policy in AerospikeException.
  • Add final keyword to ensure that the client library compiles under Java 1.7 as well as 1.8.
  • Fix documentation result for BitOperation.get().
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