Aerospike Java Client Release 5.1.3 (June 8, 2021)

Aerospike Java client version 5.1.3 was released on June 8, 2021.

This minor release adds a feature and bug fixes.


  • Add Exp.boolBin().


  • CLIENT-1544 Make TCP keep-alive optional. Enable when “ClientPolicy.keepAlive” field is instantiated and the native NETTY_EPOLL library is specified.
  • CLIENT-1544 Perform only one cluster tend in waitTillStabilized() because the tend now requests partition maps in same iteration as adding the nodes.
  • CLIENT-1544 Attempt to contact an invalid node (referenced by seeds or peers) only once for each cluster tend iteration.
  • CLIENT-1544 Add invalidNodeCount to ClusterStats and also provide direct access in “Cluster.getInvalidNodeCount()”. invalidNodeCount is the count of referenced nodes that can’t be added to the cluster in the most recent cluster tend iteration.
  • CLIENT-1544 Add parent node to AsyncPool and remove node argument in AsyncPool methods.
  • CLIENT-1544 Try to catch unexpected exception in NettyConnector.
  • Call end() when done with Inflater/Deflater.
  • Remove unused result code COMMAND_REJECTED.
  • CLIENT-1448 Mention ListWriteFlags in ListPolicy constructor doc.
  • DOCS-217 Fix REVERSE_RANK doc to say “Return reverse value order.”
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