Aerospike Java Client Release 6.0.1 (June 2, 2022)

Aerospike Java client version 6.0.1 was released on June 2, 2022.


  • CLIENT-1720 Set new flag bit on batch commands to instruct the server to return the key specific error code on an error that stops a response.
  • CLIENT-1733 Add ListReturnType.EXISTS and MapReturnType.EXISTS. This feature requires server version 6.1+.
  • CLIENT-1741 Add “Value.DisableSerializer”. If set to true, disable default java object serialization.


  • CLIENT-1704 Fail on cluster initialization if the seed node is valid, but all seed node peers are not reachable and failIfNotConnected is true. This scenario occurs in AWS installations when peer nodes are configured with AWS internal IP addresses and the client is external to AWS.
  • Prevent the possibility of skipping an active node in getRandomNode() when accessing concurrently.
  • Do not expect duplicate records to exist in query examples because server version 6.1+ dedups query records.
  • Fix warnings generated by java 17.