Aerospike Server CE 3.5.2 (February 13, 2015)

Aerospike Server Community Edition 3.5.2 is out! This is a maintenance release whose fixes include:

  • KVS - AER-3250 - Improved latencies during nsup - use dual tree locks so reads and overwrites are not blocked while reducing a partition tree.
  • KVS - Increasing thread count for cold start eviction to fully exploit 24-core machines.
  • LDT - Large Data Type (LDT) functionality consolidation: LMAP, LSTACK and LSET data types are being deprecated (i.e., they will no longer be supported). The functionality of LMAP, LSTACK and LSET can be achieved using only LLIST; thus, developers using any of these three types are urged to use LLIST instead. The LLIST API will remain as is.
  • LDT - Lua module cleanup and enhancements.
  • TOOLS - Backup/restore/aql using new C client.
  • TOOLS - AQL - Fix to handle queries with no results…

Click here to view the release notes with the full list of fixes.

Check out the options for downloading version 3.5.2. After downloading a package, please refer to the Installation Guide for details on installing the package. To explore the capabilities of Aerospike, you will want to download a client library with benchmarks and examples.

The Mac OS X Vagrant box has not yet been updated - do you know when it will be?

Thanks Jon

Hi Jon,

There is a known issue with build 3.5.2 (see release notes). We are working on a new release which will be out this week or next; we will update the Mac OS X Vagrant box at that time.

If you need 3.5.2 urgently, we’d be happy to give you the dev binary (.rpm package for the server) to install on your Vagrant box. Alternately, we can provide you with a dev Vagrant box for 3.5.2.

Just let me know. I can be reached at



Hi Maud,

I should be able wait a couple of weeks, thank you for the offer!

Thanks, Jon

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Hi Jon,

We just released 3.5.3. (the new release), and the aforementioned known issue is fixed.

We have updated the Mac OS X Vagrant box accordingly:



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In the release stated about the deprecation LargeStack type. How to be with existing data? Thanks!

Hi Xsoft,

Aerospike is consolidating the 3 previous large data types ( LMAP, LSTACK and LSET data types) into the LList data structure type. I would recommend migrating your existing data structure to use LList to take advantage of future releases of Aerospike.

Please see:

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