Aerospike Server CE 3.5.9 (April 21, 2015)

Aerospike Server Community Edition 3.5.9 is out! This release features a number of highlights, enhancements and fixes.


  • Fixed Regression introduced in 3.5.4, where queries do not respond to the client when aggregations fail.


  • AER-3529 - Added info protocol “replicas-all” to fetch client map for all replicas simultaneously. This allows clients to read from prole replicas with any replication factor.


  • KVS - AER-3532 - Increase efficiency of tracking master/prole object counts.
  • SINDEX - AER-3533 - Regression from 3.5.4 - Fix the bug where query system does not respond back to the client when aggregation functions aren’t found.
  • SINDEX - AER-3515 - 1. Instrumentation around sindex reservation. 2. Zombie sindex should be shown in ‘show sindexes’.
  • SINDEX - AER-3514 - Allow sindex deletion if index name starts with a whitespace.
  • SCAN - AER-3451 - Improve scan job kill - when a scan job is killed, abort processing immediately instead of waiting for partition.
  • LDT - Fix LDT exception when invalid data type passed in for llist.range() calls.
  • LDT - Fix error caused when LDT record not initialized via an ‘update’ call.
  • INSTALL - AER-3550 - Properly install and remove the 2.x Aerospike Python client Library on all supported platforms.
  • ASCLI - AER-3484 – Fix to modify how bins are being iterated over.

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Check out the options for downloading version 3.5.9! After downloading a package, please refer to the Installation Guide for details on installing the package. To explore the capabilities of Aerospike, you will want to download a client library with benchmarks and examples.

Aerospike Server 3.5.9 CE is now also available on the AWS Marketplace.