Aerospike Tools Release 3.22.0 (October 8, 2019)

Aerospike Tools version 3.22.0 was released on October 8, 2019.

This major release contains new features, improvements, bug fixes, an asadm update, an asbackup update, an asloader update, & an asbenchmark update.

New Features

  • [TOOLS-1387] - (TOOLS) Support record delete operation.
  • [TOOLS-1394] - (TOOLS) Support for scan changes in server 4.7.


  • [TOOLS-1397] - (ASADM-HEALTHCHECK) Add rule to check if we do not have too many sprigs per partition for all flash.
  • [TOOLS-1401] - (ASADM-HEALTHCHECK) Add rule to report excessive heartbeat interval/timeout.

Bug Fixes

  • [TOOLS-1395] - (AQL) Fix to handle exception if TLS input files do not exist.
  • [TOOLS-1408] - (AQL) Fix socket-timeout segmentation fault.
  • [TOOLS-1400] - (ASADM) Fix unique data usage computation to support post 4.2 changes for tombstone size.
  • [TOOLS-1392] - (ASADM-HEALTHCHECK) Fix physical memory check to handle different units.
  • [TOOLS-1396] - (ASADM-HEALTHCHECK) Fix rack membership check.
  • [TOOLS-1385] - (ASLOADER) Fix column position error for data file without header.
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