Aerospike Tools Release 6.2.0 (December 9, 2021)

Aerospike Tools version 6.2.0 was released on December 9, 2021.

  • Requires Aerospike Server version 4.9 or newer.
  • The Aerospike Backup (asbackup) Tools now supports only the new Aerospike Filter Expressions API, when using multi-set backup or the parameters --modified-before , --modified-after , or --no-ttl-only Aerospike Server version 5.2 or newer is required.
  • The Aerospike Loader (asloader) Tool has been removed from the Aerospike Tools package.

New Features

  • [TOOLS-1801] - (ASADM) Add a manage roster command to asadm.
  • [TOOLS-1811] - (ASADM) Add a show roster command to asadm.
  • [TOOLS-1812] - (ASADM) Add a manage revive command to asadm.
  • [TOOLS-1815] - (ASADM) Create a manage jobs command in asadm.
  • [TOOLS-1817] - (ASADM) Create a show jobs command in asadm.
  • [TOOLS-1844] - (ASADM) Create a show racks command in asadm.
  • [TOOLS-1735] - (ASADM-COLLECTINFO) Collectinfo should defer to unique-data-agent to get license data usage when available.
  • [TOOLS-1803] - (ASBACKUP) Support backup resumption in asbackup.
  • [TOOLS-1827] - (ASBACKUP) Allow the user to specify where backup states are written.
  • [TOOLS-1876] - (ASBACKUP) Allow the user to specify socket timeout/retries.


  • [TOOLS-1859] - (PACKAGING) The new tools package should not remove the asvalidation tool if previously installed.
  • [TOOLS-1434] - (ASADM) Add pmem to summary command.
  • [TOOLS-1790] - (ASADM) Add effective roster rack-id to asadm info namespace output.
  • [TOOLS-1858] - (ASADM) Should not fail to run when user and password are provided when security is disabled.
  • [TOOLS-1860] - (ASADM) Add set index information to the asadm info set call.
  • [TOOLS-1880] - (ASADM) Have asadm print error logs to stderr instead of stdout.
  • [TOOLS-1906] - (ASADM) Require user input if a node is being added without a rack-id and a rack-id is configured.
  • [TOOLS-1848] - (ASADM-COLLECTINFO) Fail to generate collectinfo.tgz if an exception occurs while creating JSON file.
  • [TOOLS-1855] - (ASADM-COLLECTINFO) Store the collectinfo command’s stdout/stderr in the collectinfo archive.

Bug Fixes

  • [TOOLS-1500] - (ASADM-COLLECTINFO) Collectinfo may fail during interactive session if cluster status changes.
  • [TOOLS-1875] - (ASADM-HEALTHCHECK) The health-check incorrectly identifies secondary indexes that are not in sync.
  • [TOOLS-1843] - (ASBACKUP) Update --mod-before/–mod-after and --no-ttl-only which currently use the now removed predicate expressions.


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