Aerospike Tools Release 7.0.5 (June 2, 2022)

Aerospike Tools version 7.0.5 was released on June 2, 2022.

  • Requires Aerospike Server version 4.9 or newer.
  • The MacOS build of the Tools requires libssh2 to be installed as a dynamic library.
  • Deprecations that will be removed in the next release of aql.
    • (AQL) Deprecate the ability to manage jobs in aql.
    • (AQL) Deprecate INFO commands in aql.
    • (AQL) Deprecate the ability to manage indexes in aql.
    • (AQL) Deprecate the ability to manage users and roles in aql.
    • (AQL) Deprecate the SYSTEM and PRINT commands in aql.

Bug Fixes

  • [TOOLS-2042] - (AQL) Aql segfaults when a record is inserted with a set name.
  • [TOOLS-2015] - (ASADM) Asadm is slow to startup on macOS.
  • [TOOLS-2025] - (ASADM) Asadm fails to startup when the tmp/ directory is mounted with the noexec option.
  • [TOOLS-2026] - (ASADM) Asadm should calculate unique-data for versions 6.0 and later with a 39 byte discount.
  • [TOOLS-2006] - (ASBACKUP) SIGPIPE causes asbackup to exit when backing up to AWS S3.
  • [TOOLS-2031] - (ASBACKUP) Fix accidental dynamic linkage with libssl and libcrypto on some linux distros.