Aerospike Tools Release 7.1.1 (August 23, 2022)

Aerospike Tools version 7.1.1 was released on August 23, 2022.

  • TOOLS-2137 (ASBACKUP) Memory leak in asrestore record uploader can cause Out of Memory (OOM) with large workloads.
  • Requires Aerospike Server version 4.9 or newer.
  • The asinfo tool is now bundled with asadm to remove its dependency on python.
  • The asinfo version has changed to pair with the asadm version.
  • The asadm and asinfo binaries are now installed under /opt/aerospike/bin/asadm/.
  • All Tools macOS builds are now built using GitHub actions.
  • Debian 9 Stretch LTS has reached its End of Life on June 30 2022. We will drop support for Debian 9 in the upcoming Tools 8.0.0 release.

New Features

  • [TOOLS-1976] - (ASADM) Optionally include the UDA’s raw store in the collectinfo file using the --agent-store flag.
  • [TOOLS-2027] - (ASBACKUP) Estimate should include the total backup file size (gives size if -o would be used for a real backup).
  • [TOOLS-2022] - (ASBACKUP) Allow a user to specify the number of c-client event loops to use in asrestore.
  • [TOOLS-2021] - (ASBACKUP) Allow a user to set the scale factor for the exponential backoff retry strategy in asrestore.
  • [TOOLS-2005] - (ASBACKUP) Disable batch-writes in asrestore with --disable-batch-writes.
  • [TOOLS-2003] - (ASBACKUP) Configure the S3 API log level with --s3-log-level.
  • [TOOLS-2000] - (ASBACKUP) Allow the user to specify the zstd compression level when running with compression enabled.
  • [TOOLS-1990] - (ASBACKUP) Allow a user to set the batch size to use for batch write calls in asrestore.
  • [TOOLS-1989] - (ASBACKUP) Allow a user to set the max number of async batch write calls in asrestore.
  • [TOOLS-2055] - (ASBENCH) Expanded client policy support in asbench.
  • [TOOLS-1904] - (ASBENCH) Add a read-replace workload.
  • [TOOLS-1892] - (ASBENCH) Port the sleep-between-retries option from the Java benchmark tool.
  • [TOOLS-1891] - (ASBENCH) Add an option to send and read the key to asbench.
  • [TOOLS-1890] - (ASBENCH) Add a prefer-rack replica policy to --replica.
  • [TOOLS-1886] - (ASBENCH) Port the expiration time option from the Java benchmark tool.
  • [TOOLS-1883] - (ASBENCH) Add version to asbench.
  • [TOOLS-1967] - (UDA) Add an API for grabbing the data store.


  • [TOOLS-2018] - (TOOLS) Add the uda to the tools package.
  • [TOOLS-2011] - (ASADM) Info command for Federal Edition displays the build version as ‘’ it could prepend the value with an ‘F-’.
  • [TOOLS-1978] - (ASADM) Include the time of the latest UDA entry used in the license usage calculation.
  • [TOOLS-1977] - (ASADM) Optionally include UDA data-points where the cluster was unstable when calculating license usage by using the --agent-unstable flag.
  • [TOOLS-2014] - (ASINFO) Bundle asinfo with asadm to remove python dependency.
  • [TOOLS-2081] - (ASBACKUP) Allow passing an explicit S3 bucket name to use for backup/restore to/from AWS S3.
  • [TOOLS-2075] - (ASBACKUP) Disallow --parallel when running a backup estimate.
  • [TOOLS-2057] - (ASBACKUP) Give better warning when transactions fail with AEROSPIKE_ERR_FAIL_FORBIDDEN.
  • [TOOLS-2020] - (ASBACKUP) Restore retry logic should use an exponential backoff strategy.
  • [TOOLS-1985] - (ASBACKUP) Remove the extra per-thread stats given by asrestore.
  • [TOOLS-1984] - (ASBACKUP) Improve asrestore to use batch writes against server versions >= 6.0.
  • [TOOLS-1983] - (ASBACKUP) Improve asrestore to use async aerospike record-write operations.
  • [TOOLS-1894] - (ASBACKUP) Rename --retry-delay to --sleep-between-retries.
  • [TOOLS-1885] - (ASBACKUP) Check server version when using options that use filter expressions.
  • [TOOLS-2028] - (ASBENCH) RU workload accepts optional pct-read-all-bins and pct-write-all-bins values.
  • [TOOLS-1898] - (ASBENCH) Add a read-update-delete workload to asbench.
  • [TOOLS-1897] - (ASBENCH) Separate tps for operations hitting or missing records.
  • [TOOLS-1896] - (ASBENCH) HDR histograms should only record transaction latencies of read hits.
  • [TOOLS-2016] - (UDA) Allow the uda to run on macOS.
  • [TOOLS-1952] - (UDA) Support the tools package common astools.conf.
  • [TOOLS-1949] - (UDA) Collect unique data usage at the namespace level.
  • [TOOLS-1945] - (UDA) Credentials should follow exporter/server standard.
  • [TOOLS-1944] - (UDA) Flag unique data points taken during migration.

Bug Fixes

  • [TOOLS-2097] - (ASADM) LogAnalyzer fails when trying to hash logfile before it is converted to bytes.
  • [TOOLS-2079] - (ASADM) Asadm does not correctly discover the cluster when using a DNS load-balancer.
  • [TOOLS-2067] - (ASADM) The manage sindex delete warning only gives the key cardinality of the principal.
  • [TOOLS-2064] - (ASADM) Running asinfo using Tools version 7.0.3+ is throwing error “‘NoneType’ is not iterable”.
  • [TOOLS-2092] - (ASBACKUP) Uninitialized as_record key value causes restore to exit before restoring record.
  • [TOOLS-2085] - (ASBACKUP) Backup state file fails to save if multiple threads fail simultaneously.
  • [TOOLS-2083] - (ASBACKUP) Backup with --node-list option is not resumable.
  • [TOOLS-2082] - (ASBACKUP) Backup-to-file is not interruptible.
  • [TOOLS-1986] - (ASBACKUP) Backup estimate and backup-to-file causes broken pipe/connection timeout warning on server.
  • [TOOLS-1584] - (ASBACKUP) Backup fails if a node is not in the roster but part of the cluster.
  • [TOOLS-1934] - (ASBENCH) A password should be prompted if no password follows the -P short option.

Known Issues

  • [TOOLS-2137] - (ASBACKUP) Memory leak in asrestore record uploader.
  • [TOOLS-2122] - (ASBENCH) Reported version is incorrect for asbench 1.5.
  • [TOOLS-2125] - (ASBENCH) Running --version exits with return code 255.