Open source Aerospike-tools so community may add features to it


when I was working on monitoring Aerospike I ran into few problems which I have solved with:

But I think it will be better to solve those in Aerospike-tools directly, therefore i have several feature requests / questions:

  • Is it possible to open source Aerospike-tools ( maybe they are, but not on Github:✓&query=tool
  • aql
  • output of commands from INFO section returns results from all servers which is ok, but it is not known which server returned it. asmonitor tool returns server and port before each server result, which is better.
  • -o json parameter does not return only the JSON so it cannot be parsed directly.
  • asinfo - support for json output would be really nice
  • asmonitor - support for json output would be really nice
  • In log file there is information about drive performance (write speed, defar speed …) but I don’t know about any way how to get it from some monitoring tool.


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