Pipe the output of aql to a file



can I pipe the o/p of the aql from the terminal to a file

just like: ps -x >> processes.txt

Please guide me on what is the best way to do this



Would this work for your purpose by any chance?

(echo "select * from test" && cat) | aql > output.txt


hey Thats working

Thanks :joy:


AQL has command line options. You can put all the commands you want to execute in a script file. For example:

  1. Create a Text File, say: myaql.script that has your aql commands (one or many) such as: select * from test.demo show namespaces show sets stat system
  2. At your Linux prompt($) do: $aql -f myaql.script >> test.out

All commands in myaql.script will be executed and the output will be piped to test.out