Can I do a rolling upgrade from 3.3 to 3.13?

So I have inherited a mix of versions - 3.3.21 (!), 3.6.3, and 3.11.02.

I want to get to 3.13 at a minimum and update the protocol.

Reading through the notes I see monitoring changes in 3.9 ( and network changes in 3.10 ( As long as I change the config file as I go, can I do a rolling upgrade straight to 3.13?

I realize I need to get each cluster up to 3.13 before changing the protocol.

Thanks! Jay

It is expected to work up to 3.13 (3.13 was our first ‘jump version’). If you are EE, it will force a coldstart when upgrading through 3.11 (iirc).

Be sure to wait for migrations after stopping and before starting nodes when there are nodes older than 3.7 in the cluster and nodes newer than 3.7 will warn about mistakes older nodes make during migrations (don’t shoot the messengers). Also suggest upgrading the node that is reporting as paxos principle first (may help prevent some of the issues with pre 3.7 versions).

Once on the new protocol in 3.13 and if your namespaces are all persisted, you will no longer need to wait for migrations while restarting nodes.

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