Upgrading from 3.5.3 to 3.9.1

Hi all,

I’m running a quite old version of Aerospike right now (3.5.3) and planning to upgrade to a more recent one (3.9.1). I wonder if there is any non-backward-compatible changes between these versions, or anything special to know before I run into the upgrade. Also, I’m like to know if I can do a rolling upgrade mixing these versions together in the same cluster for a few day.

Thx in advance

There haven’t been any changes that would prevent an upgrade, though you may not be able to downgrade - please review the applicable release notes.

  1. Would recommend using asbackup to backup your data.
  2. Try your upgrade using a smaller QA cluster (may be virtual machines.)
  3. Consider if using multiple network interfaces as we had a known bug in 3.9.1 - check release notes for details.
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