Upgrading CE from 3.10 to 5.x

I am trying to figure out how to upgrade an old version of CE (3.10) to the recent version 5.x on a cluster of 3 nodes with repl-factor = 2

Going through the documentation, i was able to list the following steps.

Upgrade to 3.13 (due to cluster protocol changes) Upgrade to 4.3 (due to storage format changes) Upgrade to (as a pre-requisite step before upgrading to 5.x) and finally, upgrade to 5.x

I would like to know if the above steps are enough or some might be skipped. Also, my understanding is that AS supports mix-versions cluster, and so the upgrade can go one node at a time (e.g. 5.x node can still work with 3.10 node)


The doc is hopefully clear enough in terms of special upgrades listed here: https://www.aerospike.com/docs/operations/upgrade/aerospike/special_upgrades/index.html

You certainly need to get all nodes to 3.13 for the cluster protocol change. You also then to get all nodes on 4.9 before proceeding to 5.0.

A 5.X node will not work with a 3.10 node. The rule to have mix version node is true ‘in general’, which means, there are exceptions as those mentioned here.

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