Community Edition - Access cluster from outside

Hi, Is it possible to access the cluster (community version) from outside the kubernetes network? I’m asking because it seems to me that with standard configuration of services and loadbalancer (MetalLB) it is rather impossible but maybe I’m wrong?

Cheers, BB

You should be able to leverage the access-address and access-port configuration options but I guess you would have to make sure the address / port is properly mapped for each node. I am not familiar enough with the Kubernetes Operator but it may help. The Aerospike implemented Operator is not available for the Community Edition.

We set up external access by specifying loadBalancerServices.enabled=true in the configuration. In the documentation here this cause the helm installer to provision a LoadBalancer in the K8s hosting environment for each database replica. Using AWS EKS, this worked well. However, I am currently running down a report that for AeroSpike, this form of networking is far less efficient than using a bridge network.