CustomConversions implementation with AS client 5.1.11


I am upgrading Aerospike client 4.1.3 → 5.1.11.

4.1.3 code snippet is :

“CustomConversions conversions = new CustomConversions(Arrays.asList(StringToJava8LocalDateConverter.INSTANCE, Java8LocalDateToStringConverter.INSTANCE), AerospikeSimpleTypes.HOLDER); AerospikeMappingContext mappingContext = new AerospikeMappingContext(); mappingContext.setDefaultNameSpace(defaultNS); MappingAerospikeConverter converter = new MappingAerospikeConverter(mappingContext, conversions,new AerospikeTypeAliasAccessor(“type”));”

How to implement above logic with AS client 5.1.11 version ? Please help on this.

Thx, Badari

@Badari, please find a response in your prior post on the same issue.

thank you neelp