Feature match with C api


Originally posted by Young, June 2014

What are your plans to bring the Node API in line with the features of the C API?


The Node.js client is now available: http://www.aerospike.com/docs/client/nodejs/

As for bringing the Node.js API in line with with the C client, that is a high priority and it is on our roadmap.


+1 for more features on the node.js client. I need to use LDT for my project and would hope it would be done urgently. Im sure it wont take long for you to commit to it. Even the golang client has surpassed the node.js client despite it being newer


Hi, I just wanted to give you an update on this. We are currently working on all the 3.0 features for the node.js client as we are speaking After internal deliberation we decided to go with the following order of priority

  1. Normal UDFs execution
  2. Secondary Index queries and scans
  3. LDTs

1 is already done and 2 is being done. We should get to LDTs very soon. Unfortunately, I cannot promise a deadline for you now. (In the mean time, LDTs are being hardened on the server side.)

Will keep you posted about the progress. Will you be interested in having an early developer preview (alpha/beta) for the LDT feature in node.js ?


Hi, Will the second feature “query and scan” be released recently? I am now looking for a solution to it in node.js. Hope that this feature could be released soon.


Yes, we should be releasing mid december if everything goes smooth. Will you be interested to try an early developer release ?


Sure! I’m glad to try it now!


Great! We will keep you posted. You should be hearing from us soon.


We just realeased query & scan capability in node.js (Version 1.0.26). Please try it out and give us your feedback. LDT is on the way…


Hi @scorpnode and @lyn5466,

In Node.js release 1.0.28 in February, we implemented a scanAggregate API along with example, test cases and documentation. As of that release, the Node.js API is compatible with the latest C client.

We released LDT capabilities last month with Node.js release 1.0.34.

Our latest release, Node.js v1.0.36, features compatibility with Node.js v0.10 and v0.12.

Best regards,