err_tsvc_requests metrics (update: suspecting migration)



We are getting err_tsvc_requests in our aerospike setup. Documentation around it is very sparse. It only states that Number of failures where the execution is not even attempted

Can someone please explain more about this? Also, what can we do to fix it.


Hi Leonardo

Transaction errors based on following issues updates ‘err_tsvc_requests’ stats.

  • Transaction timeout in transaction queue.
  • Partition not found.
  • Cluster key change during transaction in progress.
  • Transaction prepare error .
  • Unknown namespace in protocol request.

Most suspected issue is migration. Please check whether there is any migration is going on or not.

Thanks, Jyoti


Thanks for the answer. We haven’t observed any migrations.

Is there way to enable some logs which can help me in identifying the exact reason.


Run following command to get more logging.

asinfo -p 3000 -v ‘set-log:tsvc=debug’