Go Client Release 1.7.0 (October 16, 2015)

Version 1.7.0 of the Go client was released on October 16, 2015 and is available for download here. This major release adds several new features and improvements, and fixes important bugs.

New Features

  • Added support for Geo spatial queries.
  • Added support for creating indexes on List and Map bins, and querying them.
  • Added support for native floating point values.
  • Added ClientPolicy.IpMap to use IP translation for alias recognition. PR #81; thanks to Christopher Guiney.


  • Cosmetic change to improve code consistency for PackLong in packer.go. PR #78; thanks to Erik Dubbelboer.


  • Fixes an issue when the info->services string was malformed and caused the client to panic.
  • Fixes an issue with marshaling maps of type map[ANY]struct{} into embedded structs.
  • Fixes an issue with bound checking. PR #85; thanks to Tait Clarridge.
  • Fixes aa few typos in the docs. PR #76; thanks to Charl Matthee.

The release notes are available here.