How to setup clustering with multi real server

Hi everybody,

I was setup successful cluster with 3 server (use VM VirtualBox + Vagrant), I used settup for multicast.

So now, I’m trying to setup with two real server, when I setup like 3 virtual server and add the 2nd server into Node of the 1st server. I see 1 node up, 1 node down. Can anybody show me how to setup cluster with multiple real server?

Thanks so much

Make sure to read the configuration section of the operations manual, and pay attention to networking. If you’re still stuck, post your config here so people can help you with it.

Thanks for your reply @rbotzer,

My setup is running, I just add OUTPUT for port 3000 in iptables.

I have a problem with my knowledge about using server like node cluster in another server.

If I get IP of the second server to adding Node for the first server. I used aerospike client to connect to aerospike cluster. When I new a Host intance, I don’t know what the host of server will be use, because if I use one host of them, when this host die, I can’t connect with another Node.

I think I will make a array of host, so I will check host is available and I will use it. But I want to a automation for check and connect Node. Can you help me?

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