IDE Code Completion for PHP Client



Hi. I’m currently using PHPStorm as my IDE and have managed to find 2 stub libraries for code completion (being those from HERE and HERE) but these libraries are out of date with some of the new features of Aerospike and don’t include things like LLIST / other LDT elements etc.

Are there plans to release and official Aerospike stub / library for code completion in IDE’s at all?


Hey Craig. Yes, I’m in progress on that. It’s a stub that is PHPDoc annotated, so it should work for your IDE, and also useful for generating an API reference. The markdown pages in the GitHub repo will be removed when this is done.


Okay great - thanks for the update Ronen


Any update on this @rbotzer?


It’s a pretty tedious process, and I hack at it when I have free time. It’s quite close to being finished.


Hello Crags.

I’ll update the IDE Stubs as soon as I can.


I’ve updated the Aerospike stubs right now


The API documentation is now hosted on our site at

Within the client repo itself there is a PHP stub under docs/phpdoc. You can import the stub into your IDE for auto-completion, or build the API documentation using phpDocumentor

phpdoc run -v -d phpdoc/ -t html/