Multiple namespaces are not working with latest spring-boot

Hi, I am evaluating Aerospike DB for our needs and have a problem. We will have multiple namespaces and one of the app will need access to couple of them. I use com.aerospike:aerospike-client:8.0.0 com.aerospike:spring-boot-starter-data-aerospike:0.13.0 spring-boot 3.2.1 and JDK 21 I have this in both Spring Config classes @EnableAerospikeRepositories( basePackageClasses = {FirstRepository.class}, includeFilters = { @ComponentScan.Filter( mypackage.FirstAeroRepository.class) }, aerospikeTemplateRef = “aerospikeTemplateFirst”)


@EnableAerospikeRepositories( basePackageClasses = {SecondRepository.class}, includeFilters = { @ComponentScan.Filter( mypackage.SecondAeroRepository.class) }, aerospikeTemplateRef = “aerospikeTemplateSecond”)

Both AerospikeTemplate beans have name defined in aerospikeTemplateRef and repositories annotated with what was defined in ComponentScan.Filter

When I start my app having 2 Aerospike configs which extend AbstractAerospikeDataConfiguration with defined host, namespace and aerospikeTemplate I get this error: Failed to start bean ‘aerospikePersistenceEntityIndexCreator’ Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke “, String, String, com.aerospike.client.query.IndexType, com.aerospike.client.query.IndexCollectionType)” because the return value of “org.springframework.beans.factory.ObjectProvider.getIfUnique()” is null This is of course because I am trying to create 2 separate AerospikeTemplates. I tried to give beans names but it doesn’t change error. Am I missing something in order to run app with connection to multiple namespaces? Thank you