Server release notes

We are going to update oure aerospike-server to newer version, but now we have very old one and afraid of breaking something. Unfortunately on your site there is not any release notes for aerospike version 3, as for us, we are using 3.14.1 and would like to research all changes to be sure that all is ok. Also we would like use as_list with policy and now oure server doesn’t support it, can you tell us in which version of aerospike server it was added?

Which policy are you trying to use?

“as_operations_add_list_insert_with_policy” and “aerospike_key_operate” return “AEROSPIKE_ERR_REQUEST_INVALID”. The same situation with “as_operations_add_list_append_with_policy”

Looks like these features were first introduced in 3.16.

As for version compatibility. You will be compatible up to and including 4.1.x.

In 4.2 we had a storage-format change so you will need to wipe the disks on a node before upgrading past 4.2. Note that the intra-cluster protocols are still compatible.

In 4.5.1 we changed the SMD protocol. Details on how this may affect you can be found here:

Yes, I got it, you are right. Thank you

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