Python Client Release 1.0.57 (December 9, 2015)


The 1.0.57 release of the Python client came out on December 9, 2015 and is available for download here. It boasts a number of features and fixes:


  • Added aerospike.null to be used for removing bins with write operations. Using this value with an aerospike.Client.put is equivalent to calling aerospike.Client.remove_bin on that bin.
  • Added a config param strict_types (default: True) for controlling whether the client does type checking for write operations. CLIENT-582, CLIENT-574
  • Updated the documentation for multi-ops and regarding seed nodes.


  • Fixed Issue #91, allowing -1L as a valid bin value. CLIENT-598
  • Fixed the client to respect an explicit lua user_path in its config. CLIENT-597
  • Fixed the touch operation in aerospike.Client.operate to not require bin or val. CLIENT-584
  • Allow bin names to be null-terminated bytearrays. CLIENT-581
  • Fixed false-negative tests. CLIENT-602