UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE on aerospike server 6+

When we upgrade to server 6.4+ from, we get unsupported_feature error on all codes that we have with Secondary Index. Same code was working for server 5.X but not with 6.4+. The error appear on recordset.Error().


"ResultCode: UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE, Iteration: 0, InDoubt: false, Node: BB90F0012AC4202 Unsupported Server Feature\nResultCode: UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE, Iteration: 0, InDoubt: false, Node: : Unsupported Server Feature

This is an example of how our sindex looks like: create index partner_api_si on test.partnerAPI (secondary) STRING

Go client Code:

stmt := as.NewStatement(d.config.Namespace, collection, binNames...)
	err := stmt.SetFilter(as.NewEqualFilter(indexBinName, key))
	if err != nil {
		return nil, fmt.Errorf("errorBuildingASStatement: %w", err)

	// Make query
	res, err := d.client.Query(nil, stmt)
	if err != nil {
		return nil, fmt.Errorf("failedToExecuteASStatement: %w", err)

EDIT: Another info I found out: with info sindex command, I see the state of index is in Read-Only state, according to documentation of aeorspike this should be in RW state, but not sure to make it in RW state.

Which version of the Go client is this?

There were changes in 6.4 that made older clients incompatible. You can check the list here: Client Matrix | Developer.

You can also directly check the 6.4 release notes: Aerospike Database Release Notes 6.4 | Aerospike Documentation

Thank you @meher , after upgrading the client, the error disappeared.