What is the fastest NoSQL database that can be accessed from the same machine?


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" Which is the fastest NoSQL database accesed from the same machine?

In my use case the data is relatively small (~1000.000 Strings), but i have to access as fast as possible (every nano sec counts), from a multithreaded environment (implemented in pure Java) Currently I’m using redis (in localhost) and I’m basically happy with it, but i want to know if there is some better alternative, since redis has all the network stuff, and is not designed for multithred stuff. The persistence is also very low priority for my use case.

  • I want to run in the same machine (no networking at all)
  • I want to be as fast as possible
  • Relatively small data set (my current Redis instance is about 20MB max in memory)
  • i don’t want to use other solution than NoSql database."


Redis MongoDB Cassandra Aerospike