Aerospike debian compatibility metrics

On Aerospike docs it is mentioned that AS version 6.0 added support for deb 11. does it mean older AS version are not compatible with deb11? Can someone please share compatibility metrics of AS with debian version

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@pgupta Is the answer on SO, correct?

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somehome the SO answer has been removed. So we are back to square one.

I’m not sure why that answer on SO was removed, it seemed fine to me.

By “support” it means that we actively test and produce builds for the specific distribution. Older versions would probably compile on newer distros, but it won’t be a combination that we test.

You can find which distributions that we support for a particular release by observing the download options for that release. If the distribution is newer than the release then we couldn’t have tested or built for that release at the time when it was released.

we have tried running AS 4.x on deb11. Does it mean we are good to go? what are things we should be testing out for?

It isn’t common, but we have seen distro specific issues in the past. You are likely fine if the server starts up, but it isn’t a combination that we will support since we do not run our tests for that distro/server-version combination.

Did you compile on debian 11 or are you using the debian 10 package on debian 11? If using a package from prior version of a distribution, the typical problem is that some shared library isn’t found which will prevent the server from starting.

we used the same package that was running on deb9. There was a dependency on libssl 1.0.0 . which we manually installed.

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@kporter by liking are you suggesting this setup should be fine?

No, I was just curious what method was used - thanks for responding.

We don’t test that configuration, so I cannot vouch for it.