Aerospike Python Client Release 3.10.0 (January 13, 2020)

Aerospike Python client version 3.10.0 was released on January 13, 2020.

This major release adds new features, bug fixes and updates the Aerospike C Client.


  • Predicate expressions for read, write, delete, batch and record UDF operations.
  • Write operations on background queries and scans.
  • Add records_per_second policy limit for scans, replaces scan_priority.
  • Delete operation, deletes a record.
  • Apply method for scans. Allows application of an user defined function to all records scanned.
  • Add add_ops method for scans. Allows a list of write operations to be applied to all records scanned.
  • Add execute_background method for scans. Allows non-blocking execution of a scan.
  • Python 3.7 support.


  • Fixed a segfault that occurs when a non-list ctx is used in an operation.
  • Fixed a segfault produced when an error occurs during a call to job_info().
  • Documentation for scan_apply() and query_apply() now states that they are blocking.


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