Aerospike Server CE 3.5.4 (March 10, 2015)

Aerospike Server Community Edition 3.5.4 is out! This is a maintenance release whose fixes include:

  • KVS - AER-3393 - Fix potential crash caused by divide-by-zero in expiration thread stat calculation.
  • KVS - Issue#45/AER-3395 - Only apply delete generation check if delete is direct from client.
  • UDF - Support Lua list/map ‘create’, which will be portable to all platforms. The previous ‘new’ was not easily portable to Java/C#.
  • UDF - AER-3314 - Improve usage of the Lua debug hook used for timing record UDFs.

Click here to view the release notes with the full list of fixes.

Check out the options for downloading version 3.5.4. After downloading a package, please refer to the Installation Guide for details on installing the package. To explore the capabilities of Aerospike, you will want to download a client library with benchmarks and examples.